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Length Calculator

Since the early ages like in the nomadic lifestyle beginnings of man, measurements have been an essential key for helping with their daily lives such as building structures, trading with neighbors, and occupying lands. The term length in geometric measurements generally refers to the longest dimension of any object.

When you measure something that involves distances, length is the correct measurement to use. Whether itís in centimeters for measuring a wood to cut for building a house, to feet upon measuring the height of a basketball player, or even in miles for measuring the distance between Asia and Europe, length is always in use in these fields. The commonly used unit of length is the International System of Units (SI). Which the measurement meter is pretty much used in places such as the U.S. the unitís kilometer, millimeter, and centimeter are all derived from meter. While in places like the U.K., Imperial System of Units is more commonly used.

However for example, if you are using the SI and would like to convert it into the Imperial System, how would you do it? One way to do this is by using the Length Calculator. By using this calculator, you can convert from metric system to the Imperial System without a problem. Using this calculator is extremely effortless. Simply enter the first measurement in the first box, put in the number, and then choose the desired unit. Then in the second box, just pick the preferred unit you would want the first box to convert it into, and automatically the number will show up in the second box. You can do this vise versa.

Here are some examples on how the Length Calculator works:

A man has a ruler and measures a 40 inch table, in his ruler he has inches as the unit measurement, but the unit he wants to use is in centimeters. To convert it, he must use the Length Calculator. First, he enters the digit 40. After that, he then picks the inches unit in the box next to the digit. Lastly, right below the first box, he chooses the desired unit measurement he would like to substitute inches which is centimeters. The result would automatically appear by the time he clicks the desired measurement unit which 101.6 centimeters.

A backpacker in the U.S. has travelled more than 500 miles, but he would like to convert it into Kilometers. He enters the digit 500 in the first box and picks the unit measurement miles. Then in the second box he chooses the kilometers. Automatically, he would get the converted result which is 804.672 kilometers.

These are just some examples of the unit measurements the calculator has, there are still many units you can convert from like the ells, parsecs, light years, furlongs, and even barleycorns. And feel free to try this calculator so you can learn other length measurements.